Electric Pallet Jack 1.5 Tonne Buy 4 get 6

Electric Pallet Jack 1.5 Tonne Buy 4 get 6

Purchase 4 Heli CBD15J-Li-S 1.5T Electric pallet jacks and we’ll give you 2 extra pallet trucks for free. 
That’s $1966.66 per jack, saving you $5900 +GST!
12 month / 2000 Working Hour Warranty




Electric Pallet jacks help reduce operator fatigue.
Work well in tight workspaces where pushing and pulling aren't easy
Great for moving stock up and down ramps
Belly button safety break to keep users from getting pinned against walls or racks.
Quick to recharge for longer run times.


Key advantages!

  • Save Big: Enjoy significant cost savings by getting 2 complimentary jacks, in addition to a great price per unit.
  • Enhanced Safety: Our Electric Pallet Jacks prioritize safety with advanced features, reducing workplace accidents and injuries.
  • Boost Efficiency: Experience improved productivity and smooth maneuverability, optimizing your warehouse operations.
  • Long-lasting Performance: Built to withstand rigorous use, our jacks provide durability and reliability for long-term success.

Buy now or talk to our team today - 
Please quote BUY 4 GET 6 VALUE OFFER to CENTRAL GROUP SALES STAFF or  CENTRAL GROUP DEALER when requesting information or placing your order. 
Available on orders placed between Offer valid on orders until December 31 2023. Minimum order 1 pack of 4 units. While stocks last. Subject to availability.

Electric Pallet Jacks are creating their niche in the warehouse, storage, and logistics locations. With improved health and safety features to reduce sprains and strains on operators. These units provide extra power when using ramps and sloped access with additional safety stop button and break to reduce runaway pallets. These handy machines have a small turning radius and a lightweight design for operating in tight and confined spaces like trucks and narrow aisle racks.

CBD15J-Li-S Electric Pallet Truck is Heli a product designed to be extremely versatile, quality-built pallet moving machines. Ideal for warehouses, storage facilities and logistics supply chain businesses. Pallet jacks and hand trucks make up a crucial part of any warehouse and logistics supply chain operations, talk to our team today and make sure you have the right model for the work you are doing.

1. Simple, flexible, lightweight, and small turning radius make the truck suitable for use in an extremely narrow aisle.

2. Strong structure and open layout make the maintenance easy

3. Same hydraulic pump with the hand pallet, simple and reliable

4. Integrated handle - integrates key and power meter to make the operation easy and comfortable.

5. Portable lithium-battery pack provides easy and speedy battery change.

6. The emergency reversing device ensures safe operation.

7. Auxiliary wheels on two sides provide well stability.

8. Manual lift is available as an option.


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