Diesel, Petrol & LPG Forklifts 2T-5T

CPCD and CPQYD 20 - 35 Diesel LPG forklifts lift from 2 - 3.5 tons. Ideal for all-day operations, container compatible. Compatible with a full range of HELI forklift attachments.
Heli rough terrain forklifts CPCD 20Y-35Y are ideal 4X4 or 4WD hoists for construction sites, agriculture, farming, and mining industries. 300mm ground clearance.
CPCD 20 - 35 Diesel / LPG forklifts are the workhorse's rough terrain material handling sites. A versatile forklift with 2WD and 4WD switchable options and lifting capacity from 2 - 3.5 tonnes.
CPCD 10 - 35 G series forklifts are the ideal choice for low hour sites that need to be ready to go when you need it. Topped up at a moment's notice. The perfect machine for outdoor sites with good ventilation.
CPCD - CPQYD 30 - 35 G 3 series forklifts are some of the latest in economical diesel/LPG fork hoist trucks. Built tough for indoor/outdoor sites.
H3 series 4 ton to 5 ton Diesel/LPG Forklifts are the best fit for heavy lifting when and where you need it. Great of partial indoor or outdoor sites. Intelligent gear system minimizes second-gear starts, reducing repair and maintenance costs.
CPCD 40 - 55 G3 Diesel Forklift standard comes with fork buffering at low and elevated levels for smoother control and greater stability of loads during lifting. The M4G3 engine is a step up from the H and G2 series forklifts for extra power on slopes and ramps, and intelligent gear shifting.
CPCD 40 - 55 G3 Diesel Forklifts premium option comes with wet braking system reducing repair and maintenance costs. Fork buffering for smoother control and improved stability of loads during lifts as a standard. The DE1G3 engine a step up from the M4G3 further improving fuel economy and lower fumes and emissions.
CPCD 50-100 G3 series adaptable and versatile. These hoists can lift between 5 - 10 tonnes. Auto levelling mast assist with picking and placing pallets at height. Wet braking system reduces repair and maintenance costs.
Powerful and reliable diesel forklift the CPCD 50-100 G series is an adaptable and versatile material handling machine for New Zealand conditions. These fork hoists can lift between 5 - 10 tonnes. Intelligent gear shifting reduces wear and tear on the gearbox to reduce maintenance concerns.