Forklift Services

Forklift Parts and Servicing Available Throughout NZ

Heli Forklift Servicing NZ is available through skilled teams and technicians throughout the Central Group network of branches, workshops, and the expanding Heli dealer network. With years of experience in forklift servicing and forklift hire services, we have seen and dealt with a range of common and complex repair and maintenance programs. Starting from our roots Central Group Forklifts and Trucks can assist companies and forklift fleets nationwide either direct to customers or via one of our trusted local Heli dealership partners. 

Heli forklift rental and managed fleets can rely on these experienced teams to provide quality forklift servicing and parts as a priority to our customers throughout New Zealand whether you’re looking to keep a Heli forklift running or looking for a trustworthy team to keep records and arrange services and repairs on a regular schedule. Forklift service intervals vary from machine to machine, based on age and the best way to manage and maintain these machines.

What Forklift Services Do You Need?

It is good to plan and team up with your local dealer to ensure your forklift and material handling equipment is maintained well, and in good condition. This keeps the equipment safe from the repetitive lifting the machines are doing. Helps identify wear and tear. It can help catch issues before they develop beyond a repairable state. Keeps the team safe and aware of the health and safety concerns around your material handling equipment.

Forklift Hiring Services

Typically hiring forklifts in NZ there will be an element of service and repair built into the hire rate from the company you are hiring your forklift equipment. If you are looking into this and what responsibilities fall on the company and what you are liable for as a customer, talk to our team today about a forklift hire nz.

Forklift Services

There are many features and services involved in owning and hiring a forklift, see below a short list:

As part of the Central Group of Companies, Heli Forklifts NZ is well connected to expert teams and dealers to help you keep on top of your material handling equipment knowledge and responsibilities while operating these machines.

Get in touch with us so we can help you find “forklift servicing near me” the next time you need it.