Heli Range

Forklift for sale NZ

Forklift for sale from the extensive Heli Forklift Range - Below our range of Heli forklifts for sale in NZ cater to various applications. Our material handling equipment thrives in busy logistics, freight operations, and tight aisles facilities maximising storage space. We are also seeing excellent results in cold store and extreme temperature environments and they're proving themselves fit for purpose in corrosive environments where machine lifespan is a massive consideration.

Our massive range of Lithium Battery Forklifts, Internal combustion forklifts, Reach Trucks, and Warehouse Equipment give you the flexibility and choice when building or modifying your fleet composition. Whether it's a single machine site or a diverse fleet with indoor/outdoor applications or heavy forklifts and container handling.

When it's time for you to rethink your operations talk to us today about your options to choose from standard models or customise your material handling equipment to suit your site, spec’d for the job you need to get done.

Popular Electric Forklifts

Heli CPD 20-35 Lithium-Ion Electric Forklifts the next generation of electric material handling technology. Greater water protection makes them suitable for indoor/outdoor work sites providing a fully electric alternative to internal combustion forklifts. Improves site health and safety with zero fumes and almost no noise.
Electric 3 Wheel Forklifts are adaptable, lifting between 1 and 2-ton products. Three-wheels provide a sharper turning radius ideal for indoor tight racks and narrow cross-aisle sites.
Heli CPD 20-35 Electric Forklifts are reliable electric material handling technology. These electric machines are suitable for indoor work sites providing a fully electric alternative to internal combustion forklifts. The added benefit of full-electric improves site health and safety with almost no noise.