September 30 2021
Heli NZ Rough Terrain Forklift New Zealand 2021 Outdoors

Rough Terrain Forklifts

The Heli Rough terrain forklifts are ready for all-terrain use, with four-wheel drive capability and safety features to keep drivers, users, and sites safe.

The CPCD25Y-W12 Heli forklift has been specifically designed for rough or all-terrain environments.

Suitable for use in the New Zealand construction, mining, forestry, farming, and agriculture industries. The Heli Rough Terrain forklift is a reliable, hardworking, heavy lifting forklift that will last.

With hire and purchase options available, we’ve got you covered for small jobs like moving goods from yard to barn or a big project like constructing a new warehouse.

Let us know what you are planning so we can make sure we have one available when you need it.


>    Widely used in construction, forestry, farming, agriculture, and other industries.
>    Differential lock for better control when dif kicks in.
>    Higher ground clearance, for tackling tricky terrains like ruts and gouges.
>    Great power to help climbing tough slopes.
>    Equipped with super-wide off-road tires for great traction.
>    The front and rear axles are both equipped w- limited slip differentia lock improving the outdoor operation ability.
>    Two/four-wheel drive switching, allows you to choose your control in different driving situations.
>    Transmission with 2/1 speed gear forward/reverse, ensure both efficiency and performance.
>    High exhaust design to protect the engine from the environment.
>    The seat is equipped with an armrest and safety belt to ensure comfortable and safe operation.
>    Low center of gravity, good stability.

Full spec sheet for Heli NZ Rough Terrain Forklifts

Our team and customers have been very impressed with the performance of this forklift range in the field, book a demo for one of these machines below.

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