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Heli Pallet Truck Manual

July 31 2015
pallet truck manual

Heli Pallet Truck Manual

A simple but strong design – a very reliable and dependable pallet jack suitable for any application.

Heli Manual pallet truck is one of the popular truck in New Zealand market. This truck has been designed with the health and safety of the operator in mind.

Model: 3 Models available – 2 x low profile models for Chep pallet handling,  1 x standard model suits most pallets
Capacity: 2500 KG
Handle: 3 Position handle   – Lift, Neutral, Lower
Wheels:  Polyurethane front load wheels & steer wheels
Warranty: 12 months

Pallet truck Maintenance 

The pallet truck is largely maintenance-free.

Guide to Safety Operation

  1. Operator should read all warning signs and instructions here and on the pallet truck before using this truck.
  2. Do not use on a sloping ground.
  3. Do not operate a pallet truck unless you are familiar with it and have been trained or authorised to do so.
  4. Do not operate a pallet truck unless you have checked its condition. Give special attention to the wheels or rollers, the draw-bar unit, the fork unit, the lever plate, etc.
  5. To pull the truck, always move the control handle into the drive position. This makes the draw-bar easier to move and depressurizes the pump section of the hydraulics. This preserves the hydraulic seals and the valve components. A long service life can be expected.
  6. Do not take up any people on the pallet truck.
  7. The operator had better take on gloves for labour protecting.
  8. When the goods have been transported, all people should be away from the forks for 600mm.
  9. Do not load over maximum capacity