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Heli – AC Electric Forklift Truck

July 31 2015
AC Electric Forklift Truck

AC Electric Forklift Truck

AC Electric Forklift Truck has compact mast  structure and rubber tube pulley block increase driver’s view 6%
Steering handwheel with 300mm diameter and right installation of meter effectively increase the view before the fork.
Large arc shape of the overhead guard and grid tray with proper angle increase the operator’s upward view.

Longitudinal Stability 4.9% increased
Transversal stability 2.1% increased

New type drive axle and small front overhang design. Longitudinal Stability of the forklift increases by 4.9%
High installation of rear axle increasing transversal stability 2.1%
The space above driver’s head is 50mm increased through increasing overhead guard’s height and decreasing the seat’s height.

AC Electric Forklift Truck – Features

● Reliable AC Traction motor and AC Pump motor which is brushless and maintenance free.
● Reliable AC Traction controller and AC Pump controller self-protecting and maintenance free.
● Interactive communication multifunctional LED meter with a friendly interface, display mass information, password handling and maintenance free.
● Standard CAN BUS interface for simple and reliable communication.
●Travel speed and lifting speed closed loop control.
● Powerful security, self-braking on the ramp.
● The new technology of dynamic signal load sensing in the hydraulic system.
● Travel speed normal/cutback choice function.
● Electromagnetic compatibility reaches international standards.

Updated Models in 2022 – Also include lithium-ion electric forklift options

Specification Detail
Lifting Weight 1.5 -2 Tonne
Lifting Height 6.5 m
Load Center 500 mm
Travel Speed (Laden/Unladen) 16/16 KM/H
Power 48/440 V/Ah-48/720 V/Ah
Aisle Width 3315 – 3620
Container Compatible YES

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