Meet Mitch Watts


Introducing Mitch Watts, our Sales Manager at our Heli Store in Auckland. Mitch is an old Sacred Heart College boy who went to Auckland University.  He brings a fresh and exciting element to our team and  as a motorsport enthusiast and with a +26 Handicap we are expecting him to fit into the business well.

Mitch started with our sister company Fowlers machinery in August 2018, as a sales cadet role – he has worked in all areas of the business from the workshop through to rentals and transport, and now as a Sales Manager.  He is now tasked with assisting the business in the growth of the Heli forklift brand, a world leader in the manufacturer of forklifts,  in Auckland and across New Zealand.  We asked Mitch a few questions about the industry and choosing the right forklift for your business.

What are the recent trends you have noticed in the industry?

A key trend I have noticed is the change in attitude toward manual pallet handling.  Businesses are inclined to part ways with their manual pallet jacks and stackers and are looking for fully electric replacements.

Key reasons being

  • Health and safety (Eliminating strain and reducing the risk of injury that comes with manual pallet handling).
  • Efficiency (Fully electric driven and lifts mean that operation is simply faster)
  • Safety (Electromagnetic brakes are fitted to all our machines, eliminating the risk of a manual load getting out of control
  • Easy to use (Now every member of staff, no matter what size and strength, can be productive In the warehouse

I am seeing a shift in our electric forklift battery requirements.  Lithium-Ion is a new battery technology that enables the following key advantages

  • Fast charging (2 Hour full charge)
  • Longer service life (Lithium-Ion batteries last <4000 cycles compared to lead-acid at roughly 1500 cycles)
  • Zero maintenance (No water filling or dust removal necessary)
  • Elimination of Gases, zero emissions
  • Intermittent charging (The ability to charge whenever you want without any impact to battery life)

What are the most important things to consider when choosing a forklift?

The support system the comes with making a forklift purchase – service, after sales support, parts availability and a team that is willing to work with you to find the best possible solution that caters to your needs.

When you are purchasing a Heli forklift, it isn’t just about buying the forklift, you are buying into the entire support team of our associated businesses, Fowlers Machinery and the Central group forklift teams.  A combined 30+ years of experience within the industry.

What are some of the best features that Heli forklifts have over other forklift brands?

Heli are focused on constantly providing innovative materials handling solutions for small, medium and large sized businesses.  Heli is committed to providing a good quality, reliable product at a competitive price.  Heli New Zealand wants to bring these component to the New Zealand market.

Being owned by Central forklift group you are assured of a 100% kiwi owned, private business focused on  high quality person to person customer service is carried out while also being able to provide solutions at a national level.

What do you love about Auckland

Being in Auckland provides a great opportunity for me to promote the Heli forklift brand in the market.  Auckland has over 1/3 of the total business locations in NZ and cover a wide range of industries that ensure that no two customers are the same. I am excited about the new opportunities for me and the brand. 

The region provides the challenge of competing against a very saturated market but I know the unique offering from Heli in materials handling machines is worth the investment in time by me and our potential customers.